Summer Combo Camp 2024

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When: JULY 2ND TO JULY 5TH, 2024
Time: 10am - 1pm 
Contact us if you wish to be added to the cancellation list. 

Our very unique Combo Camp is back this summer with another fantastic line-up of great creative projects in sewing and in crafts for the students to do! Don't miss out you won't be sorry you sent your child! Not only will they know their way around a sewing machine by the time they have finished, but they might just have found a life-long passion for making their own clothes!

That's only one side, when it comes to the crafts, the same can be said, art and crafts not only gets our brains solving problems and honing our decision making skills, it also teaches us patience, and the ability to work alone or in a group! As we all know, these are fantastic qualities to learn! All these while making and creating amazing pieces of art and crafts! 
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